English Speaking Dentists in Medellín

Dentists in Medellin, Colombia

While this would be ideal it is often very tough to find English speaking dentist in Colombia. With the communication that is available today one would think that they could hire someone to translate requests for procedures from English to Spanish and vice versa. However, you would be surprised to see the amount of Dentists or Orthodontists that don’t have an Instagram account or a website.

If they do, they are completely in Spanish with no real means or detailed information for a foreigner to contact them and explain what they need to avoid miscommunication.

In light of those communication issues the level of cosmetic dentistry has risen quite a bit over the years here in Colombia. With the countries major music artists, actors and models leading the way promoting the dental offices they use in their hometown(s). This is due to the very high quality education available and lower overhead to start a practice which gives way to cheaper prices for materials, equipment, etc…

How can you get in touch with a board certified orthodontist or dentist and avoid a possible overpriced procedure?

We recommend that you bite the bullet and speak with someone that can communicate with these companies and individuals in Spanish. A trend that seems to happen to a small percentage people we have personally spoken with have stated that they get “gringo priced” (this is a mark-up of the real price for a foreigner doesn’t know the real costs) when they attempt to communicate and negotiate a deal with a provider in the country.


MEDtour Colombia takes the hassle out of those worries and issues that come along with the territory of Dental Tourism. Colombia has a major advantage for those that are looking for Preventive, Basic or Major dental procedures.

For Preventive Dental Procedures in Medellín you can get your exams, cleanings, complete x-ray series, fluoride treatments and spacers and tooth sealants.

Basic Dental Procedures in Medellín allow for easy and very affordable access to emergency care in top rated dental clinics, amalgam fillings, composite fillings, sedative fillings, routine tooth extractions, root canals & root canal treatments, periodontal scaling and root planning, periodontal surgery, recementing dental crowns and stainless steel crowns.

Major Dental Services are also easily accessible. If you are looking for crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, dentures, bridgework, tooth implants, impacted wisdom teeth removals, complex oral surgeries, removal of partial dentures, complete dentures, denture relines and rebases, denture repair and orthodontic treatment.

For any questions or quotes please email us [Email at the bottom of the website] or our Book Consultation form at no cost to you!

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Brazilian Butt Lift #BBL in Colombia

Brazilian Butt Lift #BBL in Colombia

One thing that we have observed is that plastic surgeons in Colombia know the proper look of the BBL or “Brazilian Butt Lift”. The best surgeons here go for that slim contoured look in the waist giving way to a curvaceous shape for the buttocks. That classic latin woman shape that so many see when they look at celebs like Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, the late Selena, Shakira, etc…

Are you looking for more information on the #BBL? Look no further.

With increasing popularity in bookings for the procedure here at MEDtour Colombia, we get a lot of questions about it and so we are writing a guide that helps patients answer their questions and provides step by step guides to operate safely in Colombia. We will keep continue to update and expand over time based on your questions when you come visit us.

Why is the procedure call a “BBL”?

A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a patient’s own fat to naturally give volume and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs Liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the back, stomach, hips and thighs), then transfers that same fat to the buttocks. More liposuction can be performed around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour.

Most common question we get is, How much is a Brazilian Butt Lift in Colombia?

Although pricing can vary between each surgeon the current pricing this year (2017) is between:

$2650 USD ~ $3600 USD

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Is "Medical Tourism" safe in Colombia?

Is “Medical Tourism” safe in Colombia?

Is it safe? Can I get my cosmetic surgery done without waking up in a hotel bathroom with a kidney missing? Will they take care of me? Is the level of care the same as the USA?

Let’s use the facts and back those up with more facts and common sense. Just because you are traveling to Colombia in search of that dream cosmetic surgery or possibly a much needed medical procedure that your insurance doesn’t cover does not mean that you are skimping on quality and proper care. Colombia has it’s own board certifying and credentialing body which is known as the “Sociedad Colombiana de Cirugía Plástica Estética y Reconstructiva” located here http://www.cirugiaplastica.org.co/. They are also a global alliance partner of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Many doctors, surgeons and popular websites like RealSelf.com will tell you to make sure you find surgeons that fall under these certifications before making your final choice.

Via a large sum of major reports, Colombia has an exceptional healthcare system in place as well as award-winning and internationally certified hospitals and clinics where your surgeon or doctor will operate out of.

Note: If you are traveling to any foreign country normally you read up on the destination, current events, browse social media, take a look at Trip Advisor or even ask around if people you know have already been. That due diligence will keep you from making the mistake of choosing unqualified doctors or surgeons for your procedure.

We have a solid checklist below that will put your fears to rest about medical tourism in Colombia.

#1 – Prepare ahead of time. This means looking up your surgeon(s) or using an agency that will look multiple doctors or surgeons specifically for your needs & research and communicate with them in the native language. For example, in Colombia the main language spoken is Spanish. This means no long distance calls to a foreign country hoping they speak English or trying to communicate about something that is very important to be clear about. No wait times, no missing office hours due to timezone differences and no issues with communication.

To save yourself from being frustrated sometimes it’s advisable to use the resources in place that can make your life easier which is why MEDtour Colombia exists today.

Information that we provide for our clients prior to confirming the surgery date:

– Clinics and/or hospitals that have zero (0) deaths. Meaning no fatalities under the knife.
– Doctors/Surgeons with zero (0) fatalities under their belt.
– Certifications and/or accreditations of the facilities where you procedure/surgery will be held.
– Review the Before and After photography from the surgeon you are researching.
– Certifications/Qualifications of the board certified surgeon you decide to choose.

#2 – Pre and Post Surgery needs. Prior to your surgery you will need an evaluation from the surgeon you choose.  A virtual consultation is what we use for face to face chats with the surgeon along with a translator that will ensure you are able to understand everything the Doctor is saying. This will include necessary medical documentation, to aide the doctor in his evaluation. When sending your blood work tests and/or any other applicable medical documents he/she may need it is wise to have these documents scanned for a much easier and faster way to get your virtual consultation scheduled.

If you have an extensive procedure done like Liposuction or Knee Surgery, you won’t be jumping out of the operating room ready to travel back home right away.  Staying in a hotel is an option, however they hotel will not provide you care for when you need to go to the bathroom or clean up the blood from your bandages.

When abroad in Colombia the ideal setting for surgeries that require a recovery time that is more than a few days is a Care Plan. At MEDtour Colombia we provide a care plan that covers the needs of our clients.


  • Research of the procedure.
  • Choosing the right surgeon.
  • Travel reservations to Colombia.
  • Transportation while in Colombia.
  • Translation/Interpreter for non-spanish speakers.
  • Luxury 5-star apartment suite accommodations for your stay.
  • 24/7 nurse care for post-surgery needs.
  • A personal chef for your meals while you are recovering.
  • Spa services that include massages and pampering before you return home.

This level of service should be the standard for any individual making the trip to Colombia for medical tourism. Our goal is to place the level of service at the same level as what you may find in the United States or higher.

You as the patient/client should keep your standards high as well.

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Patient Care - Pre-Op and Post-Op in Colombia

Patient Care – Pre-Op and Post-Op

Questions we receive from abroad range from the safety in Colombia, travel arrangements, why the prices are so low, doctor qualifications and what the patient pre and post surgery care is like.

At MEDtour Colombia we bring that standard of excellence that you would receive in the USA or Europe and take it to the next level by ensuring our clients are prepared before their procedure or surgery as well as taking great care to give them the most comfortable recovery possible while here in Colombia.

Typically in the United States, a surgery candidate would go home after having a procedure to avoid paying the extra fees to recover in a care facility usually recommended by the surgeon. This means you would have friends or family take care of you while you can’t move, shower, get up to grab a bite to eat or cook as well as take care of everyday responsibilities.

Depending on your budget or if you have the luxury of hiring a post-op recovery nurse, you could have a trained professional handle those things for you. The extra cost could send your final price soaring depending on the procedure.

What makes MEDtour Colombia stand out in this area?

Prior to your trip we use your online consultation as the method of creating a plan for your experience and trip to Colombia for your surgery or procedure.

We cover the following areas:

  • Pre-Consultation online to determine what you are looking for and suggest our top surgeons who would fit your needs.
  • Choose your procedure, review of the surgeons credentials, certifications and the facilities accreditations.
  • Historical and medical information intake to determine candidacy.
  • Virtual consult with your surgeon to receive pre-surgery instructions.
  • Plan and secure your surgery date, travel itinerary and payment.
  • Airport pickup and transportation to your apartment suite in Medellín, Colombia. All translation handled by our staff accompanying through every step of the process including documents, exams, tests, surgery and post-op instructions.
  • Lunch or Dinner with our MEDtour staff.
  • Transportation to the surgeons office for pre-surgery exams, checkup and sign medical forms.
  • Insurance for your procedure.
  • Prep for surgery with a massage for relaxation.
  • Your procedure with the board certified surgeon.
  • Post-op care in the accredited medical facility for the first 24 hours if recommended by the doctor.
  • Transport to your apartment suite for continued post-op care with our 24/7 on-call nurse.
  • Meals cooked by our in-house chef included with your costs.
  • Post surgery kit including garments, creams and other necessary items.
  • Transportation to the airport after recovery period *(varies per individual).
  • 1, 3 and 6 month post-op follow up with your doctor and MEDtour answering any questions and checking up on your recovery process.

All of this for an extremely low price that typically ends up being up to 60% less than the same procedures in the USA or Europe.

Here are some examples of surgeries plus the accomodations and service we provide that we have quoted in the past 30 days:
*(Quotes may vary per individual)

  • Full body liposuction procedure: USA $8,000 | Colombia $3,850 (USD) 
  • Brazilian Butt Lift procedure: USA $6,525 | Colombia $4,650 (USD)
  • Lasik Laser Eye surgery: USA $4,500 | Colombia $1,950 (USD)

Liposuction costs in the USA based on data from Liposuction.com, Brazilian Butt Lift costs in the USA based on 12,900+ reviews on RealSelf.com and Lasik eye surgery costs in the USA based on data from Lasik.com.

Will your procedure be safe? Absolutely. To double your assurance we cover our patients with insurance for any problems or complications. This means you can rest easy when making the decision to come to Colombia for your procedure.

Have you had a doctor in the USA or Europe pull out all of these stops for you? If so, great, that is the way it should be. Here every patient receive this level of service regardless the procedure. If you have any questions regarding our service please contact us here on the website.

For those that know of a friend that could use this information, share away!


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Why Colombia is one the best Medical Tourism destinations?

Why Colombia is one the best Medical Tourism destinations?

Many individuals outside of Colombia have a broad mis-conception as to what the healthcare conditions are like in the Colombia. However, the numbers actually speak for themselves with the country pulling in over $356 million dollars in revenue from foreigners in 2013 and 2014 with double that in 2015 alone. If that isn’t enough, here are the facts in detail that I pulled from one of our brochures we use when presenting Medellín, Colombia as a medical tourism destination for our clients:

The “Sociedad Colombiana de Cirugía Plástica, Estética y Reconstructiva” or in English; The Colombian Society for Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery is a Global Alliance Partner of IPRAS or the (International Confederation for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery)

How IPRAS Promotes Safety Internationally

Surgeon qualifications. IPRAS promotes global safety in aesthetic plastic surgery by ensuring that members are highly qualified. Patients can be confident that IPRAS members belong to their leading national societies of plastic surgery, have a record of being safe and ethical, and have been in active practice for at least 3 years.

Surgeon training. To promote aesthetic education worldwide, the IPRAS Education Council offers symposia, endorsed programs and instructional courses to members. The IPRAS Visiting Professors Program takes aesthetic education to countries around the world making training in the latest techniques and advances more accessible to a greater population of surgeons.

When working with Colombian Board Certified surgeons you are assured they are practicing at a standard that is equal to the surgeons in the United States and as a side note the amount of Colombian surgeons that are American IPRAS and ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) members is growing everyday.

Outside of certification, membership also requires a plastic surgeon to regularly attend continuing medical education courses, perform a minimum amount of aesthetic plastic surgery procedures and to adhere to a code of ethics.

More about IPRAS here http://www.ipras.org/
More about ISAPS here http://www.isaps.org/

What about the medical facilities?

AAAASFI Certification
The American Association for Accreditation for Ambulatory Surgery Facilities International, (AAAASFI) has developed a global program to inspect and accredit surgery and dental clinics who exceed superior standards. All accredited clinics must pass inspection of all practice standards in the following categories: General environment and safety, Operating room environment, Policies and procedures, Recovery room environment, Blood and medications, Medical records, Quality assessment, Personnel and staff and Anesthesia.

In the city of Medellín where Medical Tourism in Colombia operates, there are 3 clinics that have this obtained this certification.

More about the American Association for Accreditation for Ambulatory Surgery Facilities International here http://www.aaaasfi.org/

Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation
A globally recognized achievement in quality improvement and patient safety. An elite group of over 700 organizations that have achieved Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation and earned the Gold Seal of Approval® in quality and patient safety.

4 hospitals in Colombia have obtained this certification including the #9 ranked hospital (Hospital Pablo Tobón Uribe) in all of Latin American located in Medellín.

* Rankings via Ránking Mejores Hospitales y Clínicas 2015
More about Joint International Commission here http://www.jointcommissioninternational.org/

National Standards
On a national level all clinics, operating rooms and hospitals in the city are overseen and supervised by the Colombian government program from the Minister of Health called “Supersalud”, which is partnered with the World Health Organization to protect the Health rights of individuals in the country through transparent and opportune monitoring, surveillance and control mechanisms.

The National Superintendence of Health in Colombia will is recognized nationally and internationally, as the leading entity of the inspection, surveillance, and monitor system of the health sector and protects the rights of the health users taking into account prevention and efficiency, offering sustainability and trustworthiness to the health system and its orders.​​

More about Supersalud here

This post is based on my original answer to the question on Quora located here. If this information was helpful or you need your questions answered, contact us and we will respond directly with the information you seek. Thank you!

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The Facts on Medical Tourism in Colombia

The Facts on Medical Tourism in Colombia

Thank you for checking out this post. If you find anything valuable or could be useful for a friend please share our content or check us out on Instagram & Facebook.

Everyone has mixed thoughts about Colombia. The majority know what they “know” from movies, exaggerated news stories and other misinformation that can lead people to blindly believe that the country is “too dangerous”.

We want to take the veil off the whole subject regarding tourists coming to Colombia and really give you insight on what Colombia has to offer in terms Plastic & Cosmetic surgery, Medical procedures that your insurance doesn’t cover, Optical procedures, Fertility needs, Dental surgery and much more. It won’t be easy, there is a whole lot to cover. Hopefully if you follow along closely we can ensure you become knowledgeable about these areas with our blog to get the facts about medical tourism in Colombia.

If you have any questions please contact us directly or ask us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or wherever you like to hange out.

Hasta Luego!

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