Patient Care – Pre-Op and Post-Op

Questions we receive from abroad range from the safety in Colombia, travel arrangements, why the prices are so low, doctor qualifications and what the patient pre and post surgery care is like.

At MEDtour Colombia we bring that standard of excellence that you would receive in the USA or Europe and take it to the next level by ensuring our clients are prepared before their procedure or surgery as well as taking great care to give them the most comfortable recovery possible while here in Colombia.

Typically in the United States, a surgery candidate would go home after having a procedure to avoid paying the extra fees to recover in a care facility usually recommended by the surgeon. This means you would have friends or family take care of you while you can’t move, shower, get up to grab a bite to eat or cook as well as take care of everyday responsibilities.

Depending on your budget or if you have the luxury of hiring a post-op recovery nurse, you could have a trained professional handle those things for you. The extra cost could send your final price soaring depending on the procedure.

What makes MEDtour Colombia stand out in this area?

Prior to your trip we use your online consultation as the method of creating a plan for your experience and trip to Colombia for your surgery or procedure.

We cover the following areas:

  • Pre-Consultation online to determine what you are looking for and suggest our top surgeons who would fit your needs.
  • Choose your procedure, review of the surgeons credentials, certifications and the facilities accreditations.
  • Historical and medical information intake to determine candidacy.
  • Virtual consult with your surgeon to receive pre-surgery instructions.
  • Plan and secure your surgery date, travel itinerary and payment.
  • Airport pickup and transportation to your apartment suite in Medellín, Colombia. All translation handled by our staff accompanying through every step of the process including documents, exams, tests, surgery and post-op instructions.
  • Lunch or Dinner with our MEDtour staff.
  • Transportation to the surgeons office for pre-surgery exams, checkup and sign medical forms.
  • Insurance for your procedure.
  • Prep for surgery with a massage for relaxation.
  • Your procedure with the board certified surgeon.
  • Post-op care in the accredited medical facility for the first 24 hours if recommended by the doctor.
  • Transport to your apartment suite for continued post-op care with our 24/7 on-call nurse.
  • Meals cooked by our in-house chef included with your costs.
  • Post surgery kit including garments, creams and other necessary items.
  • Transportation to the airport after recovery period *(varies per individual).
  • 1, 3 and 6 month post-op follow up with your doctor and MEDtour answering any questions and checking up on your recovery process.

All of this for an extremely low price that typically ends up being up to 60% less than the same procedures in the USA or Europe.

Here are some examples of surgeries plus the accomodations and service we provide that we have quoted in the past 30 days:
*(Quotes may vary per individual)

  • Full body liposuction procedure: USA $8,000 | Colombia $3,850 (USD) 
  • Brazilian Butt Lift procedure: USA $6,525 | Colombia $4,650 (USD)
  • Lasik Laser Eye surgery: USA $4,500 | Colombia $1,950 (USD)

Liposuction costs in the USA based on data from, Brazilian Butt Lift costs in the USA based on 12,900+ reviews on and Lasik eye surgery costs in the USA based on data from

Will your procedure be safe? Absolutely. To double your assurance we cover our patients with insurance for any problems or complications. This means you can rest easy when making the decision to come to Colombia for your procedure.

Have you had a doctor in the USA or Europe pull out all of these stops for you? If so, great, that is the way it should be. Here every patient receive this level of service regardless the procedure. If you have any questions regarding our service please contact us here on the website.

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